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According to the order of Supreme Court in 2006, registering marriage is mandatory for all kinds of marriages, even if it is a traditional marriage. The Supreme Court passed such law to protect the right of women. Performed under two types of laws, a marriage registration is an official statement that states a marriage between two people.
One can register his/her marriage either under the Special Marriage Act, 1954 or the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955. It is the biggest evidence of a marriage. One can apply to the Sub-Divisional Magistrate for marriage registration. At present, there is no online mode of application. A couple has to present important documents along with their duly signed application form. It requires address proof, Date of Birth Proof, passport sized photos, Aadhar Card, and Marriage invitation card. They must self-attest all the documents.
It requires witnesses. People attended the marriage ceremony can be a witness. They must possess residential proof and a PAN card. The maximum time in a Hindu Marriage Act is 15 days, while it is 60 days in a Special Marriage Act. In a case of urgent requirement, one can apply for a Tatkal Marriage Certificate. It gets issued within 24 hours.
Marriage Certificate upholds the purity and authenticity of a marriage. Therefore, Registration of marriage is now obligatory. People often think as to how to get marriage certificate or how to register for Marriage. There is no need to worry as we are here to help you out in registration of marriage by offering our best services.
Court Marriage Registration in Thane is directed by the principles of ethos and morality. We at Aryan Marriage Consultancy always stand for sincerity and integrity while rendering all our services. We help people in completing complicated Court Marriage Registration in Thane in just a minute.
We care and support the clients’ interest at all points. Working transparently, honestly and providing unbiased guidance and advice to our esteemed clients is our prime duty. We are pleased about the fact that over the years we have gained number of satisfied clients.
Aryan Marriage Consultancy is done for the couples who want to tie the knot in a court in the presence of legal experts. We have made all the procedures easy and simple for you. We have our experts to solve all your queries and guide you in case of any trouble. The Court Marriage Registration in Thane gives legal acceptance to partners to live as Husband and Wife in the society.
We at Aryan Marriage Consultancy help people in completing complicated Marriage Registration formality in Thane. Court marriages are sanctified under the Special Marriage Act in India. Court marriage formalities can be completed between an Indian Bride and Groom regardless of their caste, religion or creed. It can also be formalized between an Indian and a foreigner. The procedure of the Court marriage is different from that of the rites and rituals of the traditional and religious marriages and Aryan Marriage Consultancy have been successful in the smooth processing of the Court marriage registration in Thane. The parties can directly apply to the Marriage Registrar for performance and Court marriage registration in Thane and apply for the marriage certificate.


Anyone can apply for Court marriage registration in Thane and later apply for marriage certificate online. We ensure that most of the process of online marriage registration is completed from the comfort of your home and you are able to register your marriage without any disturbances. You can take our online help or visit us in case you get any kind of difficulties in registering for Court Marriage.
Any individual can apply for Court Marriage Registration in Thane. For boys, the age is 21 years old and 18 years in case of girls. The candidates can be of any religion or caste for the purpose of Court Marriage and no conversion of religion is required for the Court.


First of all, the couples who want to apply for the Court Marriage Registration in Thane must make sure that they are of the right age for the marriage. There are some documents that the candidates must bring for court marriage registration in Thane. These documents include Date of Birth Certificate of each partner, Passport Size Photos, Residential Proof, Proof of Divorce (if any of the partners is a divorcee), Widow or Widower, in case of a previous marriage of either partner and/or No Objection Certificate from concerned embassy of the country of the partner who is a foreigner, has foreign Passport or resides in the foreign country. The presence of witnesses is also mandatory at the time of the court marriage. The witnesses must bring with them their Residential Proof and Passport Size Photos.


Marriage Registration is mandatory for everyone. All the newlyweds have to apply for the same within 60 days of validation of their marriage. NRI’s Passport would be impounded if they fly back without getting their marriage registered. They can also be accused under the new and extremely strict Indian Law. Hence it is very important to get your marriage registered. Aryan Marriage Consultancy helps you to get the marriage certificate which is required for the following reasons:

• Marriage Certificate provides safety against false rejection of marriage.
• Marriage Certificate is required to file claims to the wealth and property of your late spouse. It is also required to complete the probation of their will executed by them before their death.
• Marriage Certificate is obligatory, for appealing of Bank Deposits, Life Insurance Proceeds, and Mutual Funds etc. in case of the death of the spouse.
• For adding Spouse’s name to Passport as well as applying for spouse visa requires a proof of Marriage Certificate.


• Thousands of Satisfied Clients.
• We provide hassle-free registration and provide appropriate guidance.
• We have decade long experience and serve our clients since 12 years.
• You can enjoy expert services from our experienced and professional lawyers.
• We help in accurate filling of forms and documents.


1. Aryan Marriage Consultancy is economical and it saves a lot of money which is spent on conducting various marriage rituals.
2. It is more personal; it gives the Bride and Groom a lot of privacy to conduct their marriage in a personal and private way.
3. A Court marriage certificate is really helpful in obtaining visas for both husband and wife. Foreign embassies located in India and outside India do not validate traditional marriages. To prove the marriage in India’s foreign embassies as well as in countries outside India, you should have the certificate of Marriage Registration. While applying for spouse VISA, foreign embassies require a certificate of Marriage Registration and hence, when a wife and husband would like to travel abroad using a spouse visa they must have an authorized marriage certificate issued by Government
4. A marriage registration certificate is a document that provides valuable proof of marriage. When an unpleasant situation such as a dispute takes place between husband and wife whether it is related to dowry, separation, maintenance or other issues. A certificate of marriage registration defenses against criticism of the wedding by any one spouse
5. A certificate of marriage registration allows a spouse in claiming life insurance return or bank deposits in case of death of the Insurer or depositor without requiring any nominee.

Hence, Aryan Marriage Consultancy has its own specialty and offers you services online 24/7.