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Court Marriage Registration in Thane / Mumbai


Marriage Certificate upholds the purity and authenticity of a marriage. Therefore, Registration of marriage is now obligatory. People often think as to how to get marriage certificate or how to register for Marriage. There is no need to worry as we are here to help you out in registration of marriage by offering our best services.

Court Marriage Registration in Thane is directed by the principles of ethos and morality.We at Aryan Marriage Consultancy always stand for sincerity and integrity while rendering all our services. We help people in completing complicated Court Marriage Registration in Thane in just no time.

We care and support the clients’ interest at all points. Working transparently, honestly and providing unbiased guidance and advice to our esteemed clients is our prime duty. We are pleased about the fact that over the years we have gained number of satisfied clients.


Anyone can apply for Court marriage registration in Thane & Mumbai and later apply for marriage certificate online. We ensure that most of the process of online marriage registration is completed from the comfort of your home and you are able to register your marriage without any disturbances. You can take our online help or visit us in case you get any kind of difficulties in registering for Court Marriage.

Any individual can apply for Court Marriage Registration in Thane & Mumbai. For boys, the age is 21 years old and 18 years in case of girls. The candidates can be of any religion or caste for the purpose of Court Marriage and no conversion of religion is required for the Court.


Marriage Registration is mandatory for everyone. All the newlyweds have to apply for the same within 60 days of validation of their marriage. NRI’s Passport would be impounded if they fly back without getting their marriage registered. They can also be accused under the new and extremely strict Indian Law. Hence it is very important to get your marriage registered. Court Marriage Registration in Thane & Mumbai helps you to get the marriage certificate which is required for the following reasons:

  • Marriage Certificate provides safety against false rejection of marriage.
  • Marriage Certificate is required to file claims to the wealth and property of your late spouse. It is also required to complete the probation of their will executed by them before their death.
  • Marriage Certificate is obligatory, for appealing of Bank Deposits, Life Insurance Proceeds, Mutual Funds etc. in case of the death of the spouse.
  • For adding Spouse’s name to Passport as well as applying for spouse visa requires a proof of Marriage Certificate.


  • Thousands of Satisfied Clients.
  • We offer door step service to our clients.
  • We provide hassle-free registration and provide appropriate guidance.
  • We have decade long experience and serve our clients since years.
  • You can enjoy expert services from our experienced and professional lawyers.
  • We help in accurate filling of forms and documents.

Hence, Aryan Marriage Consultant has its own specialty and offers you services online and at your door step to make your work easier.

Marriage Registration

According to the order of Supreme Court in 2006,registering marriage is mandatory for all kinds of marriages, even if it is a traditional marriage. The Supreme Court passed such law to protect the right of women. Performed under two types of laws, a marriage registration is an official statement that states a marriage between two people.

One can register his/her marriage either under the Special Marriage Act, 1954 or the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955. It is the biggest evidence of a marriage. One can apply to the Sub-Divisional Magistrate for marriage registration. At present, there is no online mode of application. A couple has to present important documents along with their duly signed application form. It requires address proof, Date of Birth Proof, passport sized photos, Aadhar Card, and Marriage invitation card. They must self-attest all the documents.

It requires witnesses. People attended the marriage ceremony can be a witness. They must possess residential proof and a PAN card. The maximum time in a Hindu Marriage Act is 15 days, while it is 60 days in a Special Marriage Act. In a case of urgent requirement, one can apply for a tatkal marriage certificate. It gets issued within 24 hours.

Temple Marriage

The economic prosperity of the population in India is not so good, but the marriages is an extravagant and loud event in a Hindu community. It includes a huge expenditure along with pomp and shows. Obviously, not everyone can afford that. Also, families and society still don’t accept inter-caste marriages in Hindu community. A temple marriage comes into the picture when the couple wants to get married through Hindu traditions without the consent of their families or if they opt to avoid the huge wastage of money. In India, a Temple marriage is widely accepted in the Hindu community.

It includes Hindu rituals and customs of marriage. The famous is the 7 steps around sacred fire according to the Hindu customs. The law also validates such type of marriages. However, it is important to get it registered. A couple must apply for registering marriage after it. Apart from legality, it also adds a divine experience in the marriage. These days, many foreigners visit India for temple marriage.

This type of marriage includes the lavish dressing of Bride and Groom, interesting rituals, sweet mantras binding the couple, and some decorations just like conventional Hindu marriage.

Christian Marriage

A church is always a universal organization of a Christian marriage. It starts with selecting the life partner in which the youths are free to choose their life-partners. They enjoy liberty in this part because of the impact of modern civilization and values. Usually, they finalize the selection process with their parents and children.

Afterward, the Betrothal ceremony or also known as engagement ceremony takes place. Usually, it takes place at the bride’s home in which the couple exchanges the ring. The main process initiates after this formality which includes the following things.

The couple must provide the church membership certificate along with their character certificate.
They have to submit an application for the marriage to the church before three weeks of the marriage date. On the particular date in front of witnesses, the clergyman performs the marriage ceremony.
It is important that bride and groom receive the Clergyman’s blessings even if they married in a Civil court. The different aspects of Christian marriage are covered under the Indian Christian Marriage Act, 1872.